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dc.contributor.authorSilva Camarena, Juan Manuel
dc.identifier.citationSilva Camarena, Juan Manuel. “¿Ética en Heidegger? Una pregunta inquietante.” Theoría: Revista del Colegio de Filosofía 11-12 (2000): 67-72.es_MX
dc.description.abstract//// Abstract: The author of this essay wants to speak about three subjects that are not normally associated with each other, but which —as he hopes to show it although briefly— are intimately related and interwoven: personal life of the thinker, ethics and ontology. It is important to understand the circumstances of the life of Heidegger at 1946, when Der Brief über den Humanismus (Letter About the Humanism) was born by means of the three questions formulated by the now well known french philosopher Jean Beaufret. Neither completely ignorant about all “not philosophical” affair nor exaggerate her purport. The first one is a question about the present possibility or humanism; the second one is a query to quest the rapport among ethics and ontology, and the las one inquires for what kind of adventures is the philosophy. The point at issue is that Heidegger point out what is in force today: on the one hand, the entirely possibility of make an ethics in the terms and basis of traditional ontology and philosophy; on the other hand, the exigency or necessity of formulate in our time a disquieting question (maybe provoker) Why don’t we write an ethics? When do we write an ethics? Fundamental idea of Heidegger is not to demand philosophy too much any more and put the man in his place. For this reason we can reach a conclusion that looks like a badge: ethics, at least possible; moral solicitude, as soon as possible!es_MX
dc.publisherFacultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Méxicoes_MX
dc.relation.ispartofTheoría. Revista del Colegio de Filosofía. Núm. 11-12 diciembre de 2000. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, México 2000.
dc.subjectTheoría. Revista del Colegio de Filosofíaes_MX
dc.title¿Ética en Heidegger? Una pregunta inquietantees_MX

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